Tuesday 25 October 2011

WT - Munich to Johannesburg

This is the second to most anticipated day of all, that being Thursday 27 Oct. Our flight leaves at 20:30 this evening from Munich direct to Johannesburg. I don't know exact addresses of my family and friends but do know that they are scattered all over southern africa with the majority in South Africa.

We arrive in Johannesburg at about 08:30 Wednesday and no doubt customs will take a good chunk of time so we will make our way to our hotel (Intercontinental at the airport) as soon as they are done with us. We decided to stay overnight in Johannesburg to ensure that we are available to family living nearby who would like to see us - we certainly want to see everyone but it has been a long time and as has already been experienced, some family and friends have 'moved on' so to speak and have no desire to rekindle old feelings.

I have been asked if this bothers me and the truthful answer is, yes! of course it does because while we may not have been in touch with one another for whatever reason, my love for these people has not diminished one iota. I think of all of them often with fond memory, as they were when I last spent time with them. We each have our own life to live and we do the very best we can for ourselves, our dependant's and those closest to us and for some rekindling old feelings and memories particularly if they involve lost loved ones can be too much. Ronnie and I have no desire to be the cause of anyone's distress and we respect each person's right to their privacy.

We will be in South Africa for three months and whilst we have reserved 28 October 2011 to 6 November 2011 for my Dad and brothers Guy and Dan (people can come and visit us but we won't be visiting during this period and I'm pretty sure everyone will be understanding), we will be available to visit with family and friends from  Monday 7th November 2011 through to Sunday 22nd January 2012 - We have deliberately left the time open so that we can plan around family and friends commitments.

For all those family and friends following our journey, we would like to just say that you will never truly know how much your support has meant to us as we have rediscovered ourselves as much as anything. We have a new appreciation of life, family, friends and especially each other. Thank You and God Bless You!

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