Saturday 4 February 2012

WT - Return Home

We returned home from Singapore and our World Tour Family and Friend Reunion Quest on Monday morning. Although we are home, the quest is not over as we still have family and friends scattered all over Australia that we have yet to visit. We had intended to hit the road again after a few days but life's circumstances have conspired to change those plans;

  1. All our savings have been stolen and we need to spend time trying to recover as much as possible.
  2. Unresolved matter in relation to sale of a business division requires legal action. 
  3. Travel Insurance claims for over $10K out of pocket expenses for Ronnie.
  4. Over 6 months of living out of a suitcase is long enough to require a short break at least.
  5. My next medical procedure is due at the end of February (this month) so I should prepare.

We were met at the Brisbane airport by the wonderful smiling faces of son Jason and good friends Steve and Michelle, it was great to see them. Jason couldn't hang about as he had a pressing appointment but it really made our day that he had taken the time to meet us. Thanks Steve and Shell for all that you have done for us, looking after our home, our business and picking us up from the airport (four hour round trip), your blood is worth bottling (Aussie slang expression to convey a great sincere appreciation).

The jet-lag has truly knocked us about and this morning (Saturday) is the first day that I have had any energy on waking and Ronnie was up early (relatively) so she must be feeling a bit better today. The week has been spent unpacking, washing, cleaning and putting things in order for the most part. Amazing just how much needs to be done and I can't get over the amount of black grime that has attached to the patio blinds. Hopefully we will get them finished today if the rain holds off.

There are no photo's with this blog but I have added 16 more photo albums to the links on the right of the blog - be warned though, these are warts and all photos (I haven't had the time or energy to delete the bad or embarrassing ones).

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