Friday 4 November 2011

WT - Johannesburg Reunion

Cousin Lucas, Rachelle and Cindy arranged to meet with us at one of the airport restaurants early on the 27th October. We arrived a little early and whilst waiting for our breakfast order spotted Lucas and family. I couldn't believe how little he and Rachelle had changed, recognising them instantly. Cindy of course has grown over 4 feet since I last saw her and changed dramatically:)

It was wonderful spending a few hours together, filling in some of the gaps of the last 30 years. I am always amazed that within minutes of greeting one another we are sitting in conversation as though we had parted only last week. We spent a lot of time sharing photo's of the family in Australia and explaining who was who as we had not had any contact at all during this extensive period.

Inevitably we lost track of time and had to part suddenly in an effort to make our flight to Durban. Unfortunately we had run over our time by 45 minutes and just couldn't make it up, so subsequently missed our flight. Not the end of the world as we were able to rebook a couple of seats on a later flight but that caused brother Guy to have to wait several extra hours at the Durban airport.

We didn't go into Johannesburg but stayed in the Intercontinental Hotel at the Airport to make life easy and so we only took a few photos of the airport surrounds.


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