Wednesday 23 November 2011

WT - Durban Visit

This past week Ronnie and I along with my youngest brother Dan, visited Durban and were able to meet with Nephew Heath, partner Yolanda and newborn daughter Danielle. Heath is my brother Guy's son and youngest child. We were also met by niece Natalie and husband Garth for lunch. Natalie is Guy's eldest of three children to sister in law Debbie while Michelle (the middle child) is living in London. Of course all three are now mature adults and having children of their own.

We spent the day exploring Durban's Boardwalk along the Esplanade. The entire boardwalk is in the process of a major upgrade and while the majority of the work has been done, there is still quite a lot of work going on to complete some sections. I noticed a very pronounced police presence although very low key. I was pleased to see quite a number of family activities and no evidence of crime at all. Natalie advised me that the area is now considered one of the nicest and safest venue's in the region.

We did quite a lot of walking and covered a great deal of the boardwalk, however I must admit that my mouth had the most exercise. I for one had a great day listening and learning about life and times in the modern South Africa and Kwa-Zulu Natal in particular. We made arrangements to spend Saturday with Natalie and Garth, at their home where we would be joined by Debbie for a shopping adventure (Bonnie Ronnie needed a change of clothing - not much fun living out of a suitcase) followed by a good old fashioned South African Braai (weather permitting).

(A word of advice to anyone contemplating a world tour - remember your allowed weight is very limited and it's all very well paying for excess baggage when you only have one or two stops but it becomes a little ridiculous when the excess baggage fee is greater than the value of the goods.)

Saturday went ahead pretty much as planned with a few modifications to accommodate the weather which had turned a little nasty. Natalie and Garth treated us to lunch at Mamma Mia (Heath Manages) Restaurant which suited us right down to the ground as we had intended showing our support by dinning there when possible.

Brother Guy and his partner Joey have both been quite ill but I am pleased to say that both have improved in the last few days and progress is being made for long term care and improvement.

I'll close this blog off with the assurance of more photo's of SA in the future:)

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