Thursday 8 December 2011

WT - Lake Eland

We decided to spend Sunday exploring Lake Eland and Oribi Gorge National Park just outside Port Shepstone in Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa. This was the first chance that Guy and I had been able to just relax and enjoy ourselves since visiting Pistols Saloon a few week earlier.

For those that aren't aware of recent developments; my brother Guy's health had deteriorated quite significantly over the last 3 months. His GP referred him to a Vascular Surgeon who in turn brought in a Cardiologist and scheduled Guy for an angiogram and some scans. After 2 days in hospital, several stents in his abdomen and left leg he was discharged on medication until January. He will be reassessed to determine the next step which will possibly either be bypass surgery on his heart or blowing and stenting his right leg. We took a trip to one of the local Mall's and walked the entire length together, a major improvement for Guy and so quickly (it took me weeks to improve that much).

During our tour of the National Park, Joey and Bonnie Ronnie were giggling like a couple of schoolgirls in the back seat for hours before my curiosity could no longer be contained and I pleaded to be included in the joke. It seems that Guy and I were the joke since we were "running about and climbing on everything in sight like a couple of naughty little boys".

We visited most of the attractions such as Leopard Rock, the Suspension Bridge etc. The one attraction that we didn't get time to visit was the actual Lake. We spent over an hour watching and trying to photograph the monkeys in the park but they proved to be a little too camera shy and elusive. We did manage to get some fantastic photo's of the Giraffe, antelope and some great video of a couple of female Zebra's at play. We were in fact having such a great time that we were almost locked in for the night arriving at the exit only minutes before the gates were secured.


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