Wednesday 21 December 2011

WT - uShaka Durban

Well what a hectic week we have just had. We decided to spend a few days with cousin Jeannie and Tony at their place in Pietermaritzburg which would allow us to see Dad at the same time. We didn't do any gallivanting or sight seeing on this occasion but rather spent time catching up, grocerie shopping and doing the general every day things which make visiting family and friends so enjoyable.

We planned a visit to Seaworld at uShaka, the largest marine show of its kind in the southern hemisphere on the Tuesday the 13th as we were going to pick up Ronnie's brother Ed from the King Shaka (Durban) International Airport later that day. Dad and Jeannie were invited to join us (Tony unfortunately was working). I was to find out a few days later that Ronnie's sister Ilona holds shares in uShaka.

There are no doubt a few of you wondering how an orphan like Ronnie has brothers and sisters. This is a family that fostered Ronnie as a child, the parents have unfortunately passed on and Ronnie lost touch with the family for over 20 years and only reconnected about 12-18 months ago....... but more about this in the next blog.

We collected Dad and dropped cases off at his place since Jeannie had declined to accompany us due to other commitments and to ensure that there was enough room for Ed and his luggage. We had an enjoyable day at uShaka, took a gondola ride which is not the same as Venice but enjoyable non the less and just wandered around taking in the sights and sounds. Treating Dad to ice-cream - he loves vanilla soft serve and never passes up an opportunity to indulge (I tease him about this vice of his and he enjoys the banter). We didn't talk a lot, there was no need, we just enjoyed being in one another's company.

I leave you with a few photo's - well worth a visit!


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