Tuesday 6 December 2011

WT - Pietermaritzburg Visit

This was my first visit to Pietermaritzburg, ever. We first stopped in at Dad's Retirement Village so that he could unload some of his gear, before going on to meet cousin Jeannie at the Hilton Hotel.

Dad's place is of course very modest but he says it is quite comfortable and meets his needs. He has many friends and often jokes that he has 99 girl fiends. He keeps busy with odd jobs for residents and takes pride in his repairing skills which keeps him active and his mind sharp.

Jeannie and Tony were wonderful hosts and we had an excellent time. Dad got to play a little music in the evenings which he really loves and we all enjoyed.We were made to feel right at home by all, including the pets and one dog in particular who captured all our hearts, "Stray" an abused animal that Jeannie nursed back to health.

During the day's Jeannie took us out to show us some of the local sites such as Howick Falls, Jeannie also showed us her special memorial mews and we visited the local chocolate factory where we had dipping chocolate with our coffee - very different:).

We discussed additional visits for December and hope to see Dad, Jeannie and Tony on the weekend of the 10th, prior to our Ladysmith visit. We will be staying in Ladysmith with Bonnie Ronnie's family for Christmas but more on that later.

Tony treated us to a braai (BBQ) on Saturday afternoon and we were joined by niece Natalie and husband Garth. The weather held off till the steaks were cooked fortunately. I will leave you with a few photos of Pietermaritzburg - reminiscent of Toowoomba actually.


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