Monday 18 July 2011

Downsize - Thanks

Well... what a week of highs and lows. The high point this past week was a fantastic dinner with (the old crew) good friends at Amigo's Mexican Restaurant here in the Garden City of Toowoomba, it goes without saying that while everyone was well stuffed by evenings end, there were no excesses.

Low point of the week was my lack of focus and concentration resulting in the formatting of our primary data drive... this housed all of our current and past accounting and service information. It has been over 20 years since making such a basic error but it did serve to reinforce my paranoia for back-ups. It took 52 hours to recover 99%  thankfully.

We had our final Garage/Relocation Sale on Saturday and whilst we still have a stack of stuff to sell we did manage to make a serious dent. Still five vehicles to sell unfortunately so off to the auctioneers with them. The last item to move is our communications (Internet and Telephones). We are attempting to convert all ISDN and PSTN services to VoIP and boy has this thrown a few curl's our way... teach me to want to be on the cutting edge. We have GXV3140 Video Grandstream VoIP phones running skype on a 3CX backbone and getting multiple simultaneous connections with some degree of quality and integrity is proving to be quite difficult even though we have great bandwidth with ADSL2+.

On a great note, we purchased our travel insurance and collected our final itinerary, tickets and coupons from the travel agent today, with the exception of the Alaskan Cruise.. to be picked up on Thursday. Only one week to go, nerves are kicking in for Veronica as we get last minute things in order; Ronnie's dental, my fractured ankle etc... just like a couple of old buggers:) Anyway we will go through everything (checking) and start posting plans in this blog shortly!

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