Wednesday 20 July 2011

World Tour - Mapping NZ

Well today has been very productive and quite a steep learning curve for me, learning how to create a custom  map. Have to say that while my progress has been slow it has been quite rewarding especially with Google Maps and the ability to have a look at the street level webcams.

Please have a look at this link New Zealand Leg replicated on the right. Fantastic that the itinerary on the left of the map actually allows one to make some notes while linking to various elements, very handy indeed. I see that the list of followers is increasing and I must say that I am quite humbled and very self conscious by this fact.

I note that Ronnie was asked on Facebook if we are going to visit cousin Jeannie:) I can assure everyone that we intend to visit any and every relative possible, providing they would like us to visit of course - don't want to impose on anyone and we will post video's, photo's and storyline as well.

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