Sunday 3 July 2011

Preparation - Garage Sale D2

A much shorter sale day today - Thanks to Michelle, Ronnie and Steve for all their help, not quite as successful as yesterday but I was able to reprogram and clean most of the Computer Servers today. Network is almost dismantled so that I can relocate the bits we need to our homes. I had hoped to get this done today but I've run out of steam and want to spend some quality time with Brett and Candice.

Brett and Candice arrived at about 20:00hrs last night so of course we spent hours talking at a million miles an hour.. until the wee hours - probably the reason I've run out of steam. They are excited for us and our holiday however Candice is not so keen for us to go all the way back home... she remembers what happened to Ron and Norman and thinks it's too risky even after all this time. I must admit that I had only planned to go as far as SA but Ronnie wants to go all the way to see some very special friends who sadly, can never leave that place. Dad went off when I mentioned it to him so I'll have to give this possibility some serious thought.

Only 3 weeks to go before we take off, it's been 29years 4 months since seeing my brothers Guy, Shane and Dan in the flesh which is over half my lifetime (I'm the oldest) and 25 years since seeing Dad... not that I'm counting but every fibre of my being is tingling with anticipation!

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