Sunday 10 July 2011

Relocation - Office

I have not had the time or the energy to blog over the last few days and this entry will be rather short.

Brett, Candice and Caydence left for Gladstone (their home) about 2.5 hours ago, it was great having them visit for a week and we did get to spend some quality time together, BBQ's Dinners and Drinks a few times. Ronnie has asked me to post some photo's on facebook for her... I'll do that soon as I have some spare time.

Our phone system at the old office (yes I'm in the new one) crashed horribly as I was removing the servers (fantastic of course as I need the server online to fix it so I had to reassemble the whole thing so that I could reprogram the phones - about 5 hours work to do a 2 minute job). This pretty much sums up the last few days where I feel as though I'm repeating every task at least once.

Still have quite a bit to organise in the new office, Fax, Phone etc. Now it's time to learn this 3CX phone system and get it programmed cause if the other crashes I'll be in a real fix with no phones... might just have to call myself Telstra if that happens:)

Only 2 weeks to go then we are off on our holiday (leave is supposed to start tomorrow - not going to happen) and Ronnie and I will not get to attend the grand-kids birthday party on Saturday as it is our last chance for a Garage sale, we have to clean the warehouse and offices before we go so time is very short and we are running about 2 weeks behind.

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