Saturday 2 July 2011

Preparation - Garage Sale D1

Today's garage/relocation sale went quite well and quite a number of items were sold thanks to Michelle, Paul and Ronnie. No big ticket items were sold unfortunately but this is really just the start of the change so there is plenty of time; see This downsizing of the business is a lot more difficult than I first imagined it would be although I should not be surprised. All told we spent 14 years growing a business to 4 division's employing close to 200 people that we are now trying to reduce to 3 divisions with a handful of employees and I was younger then and a heck of a lot fitter.

Candice and Brett (daughter and son-in-law) are on their way down from Gladstone to stay with us for a week, Ronnie and I are really looking forward to this. They are always so positive and helpful, especially to Ronnie.

Checking emails from our travel agent I find that there have been a couple of minor changes to our accommodation in LA so I want to double check this before passing on the details to Chriselda, Bernie and families (Cousins on Dad's side). Apparently I have to complete a number of forms (preexisting condition disclosure) for international travel insurance, wonderful, undoubtedly about to get very expensive but maybe I can swing the skydiving/bungee jumping into the deal... although I doubt it!

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