Friday 1 July 2011

Preparation - World Tour

Today was rather frustrating as I was to complete all End of Financial year backups and archives, however a misunderstanding has occurred with the creation of a new business banking account ("the glitch") which resulted in all superannuation contributions being reversed.... what a mess.

The day was spent correcting this issue while Microsoft it seems, thought today would be a good day for the release of updates to SBS2008 and others. Well everything ran at a snails pace and so I didn't get the chance to  collect our tickets from Harvey World Travel at the Ridge.

Tomorrow is another day but we will be quite busy with our Garage/Relocation/Downsize sale till about 15:00hrs. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

The beginning of a world trip to visit as many relatives in as many countries as possible and have a fantastic once in a lifetime holiday in the process. 

Note After the Tour:

Little was I to realise that our once in a lifetime holiday would begin and end with saving lives... not to mention a whole lot of discovery in-between.

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