Thursday 21 July 2011

World Tour - Insurance

Well another very busy day and quite stressful I might add since it seems that we are still to be plagued by communications issues. Electronic Security Service Contracts for two major shopping centres in Toowoomba have been recalled due to some incorrect wording, these are to be signed off by directors of Rhodesia Holdings and we only have five sleeps left till international departure. We have been servicing these contracts for two months already and we originally submitted our tender over a year ago so I guess it's safe to say that it will get signed off on our return next February/March.

Our travel insurance is now in place with exclusions for my heart and kidney of course, typical insurance - all good unless you make a claim. I have had some weird and unpleasant experiences with some of them, from cancellation of my policy with a refund less admin fees when I needed to claim as the other driver committed suicide immediately after our accident (he ran up my rear after collecting his car from the repair shop). Another refused my claim after a 17 car nose to tail  (I was car 16). The assessor accused me of a false claim and of allowing my underage, unlicensed son to drive and prang the Fairlane. No I didn't push the issue as I would have been arrested for assault (under my employers nose) at the very least.

Anyway back to the present, Maree (our travel agent - wonderful lass) tried to book flights and accommodation to and in Dunedin so that we can visit Dalene but the air fairs were ridiculously high (maybe the World Rugby is on or something). We will just have to take our chances on the day and see if we can pick up some cheap flights... very disappointing. On the bright side however we received our boarding passes to the ship ZUIDERDAM for our Alaskan Cruise.

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