Thursday 1 September 2011

WT - Alaska Glacier Bay

After our 2 adventures yesterday I was surprised that I could wake up early enough to catch sunrise and the Ice Straight – not that there  was any ice, a little disappointing but still fantastic scenery and shall we say the weather was a little on the brisk side:0 – see I can be polite and all hoity-toity.  Not a good start to the day as I had not woken Ronnie before getting out of bed Aye! Aya! Aye! Not a smart move (here comes another of those damnable jewellery shopping spree’s when we dock – when will I ever learn?)

This reminds me we had invitations the other night to dine with the Captain and it was formal so back to the old monkey suite (mine doesn’t even come close to fitting any more – time to toss it out actually) I hired one and as everyone knows they never fit well unless tailored  (I’ll choke on me plum in a minute). So we did the whole monkey suite thing and we have one more of them to go – tonight actually. Anyhow since we were all dressed up we had a few professional photo’s taken just so the kids can tell the grand-kids that Poppy and Nanna weren’t always slobs/

We were invited to a Champaign lunch with the Captain today as first time Cruisers – (this doesn’t have the same connotation that it did in my youth) and of course (there’s that plum again) another invitation to dine with a select few in one of the more exclusive restaurants but once again in the monkey suite… really not our cup of tea, wot! wot! Got back this evening and found yet another invitation – this is getting ridiculous!.... No this one is okay – Happy hour with the Captain and Entertainment Master… that’s a bit more like it I should be good for at least 2 beers before I start falling all over the place. (Not the guppy I used to be that’s for sure!)

Anyway getting back to the activities today – spectacular views, photo’s and video will follow. It was freezing out on deck so we had a number of cups of coffee (Ronnie had her Baileys additive). What a fantastic day. We lost one another a few times, the crowds were good, nice and sometimes not so nice but what the hey! We had a ball.

This evening the weather had closed in so we took advantage of the spa, sauna, steam rooms, hydro bath, hydro chairs etc. All the ladies thought I was gay, so who am I to disillusion them… I was the only male I might add, funny how secure women seem to feel around gay men:)

We had a few casual after dinner drinks (unusual for us these days) in the company of the barman, and I have to say the most pleasant company we had all day – thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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