Tuesday 13 September 2011

WT - Rocky Mountains Calgary

We arose fairly early on Sunday for a 7 hour tour on our way from Banff to Calgary. Because the sun sets so late up here the days usually begin at around 06:30Hrs and finish at 22:00Hrs making for very long days, especially when there are a number of personal tasks to complete.

We only set off at 10:30 which allowed enough time to organise accommodation in Toronto and Montreal. Also did some washing, banking, paid some bills and arranged a day tour to Niagara Falls.

The first stop of the day was to a Gondola Ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain - this is purely a sightseeing ride, there are no ski slopes up there. We then went on to look at Bow falls, Surprise Corner (when building the road into Banff on the the slopes of one mountain the view of the Fairmont Hotel in the Valley is spectacular and surprising - hence "surprise corner"). Other places we visited were; the Banf Hoodoos (similar to the Australian Mulga's but this is sandstone carved by mother nature into a variety of shapes), Lake Minnewanka and to top the day off and the tour for that matter a Helicopter ride over the Rockies so I got half of my wish. Ever since I was a kid watching a show called "Ripcord" (I wonder if anyone even remembers this show or "Biggles", same vintage:) I have wanted to skydive from a helicopter over the Rockies - almost, got the ride.... but no jumping:(

The most ridiculous thing happened - my Video camera froze (I had it partially out the chopper window) and it couldn't access the HDD on several occasions so whilst I have a fair bit of footage I lost a fair bit too.

Beautiful end to a perfect day!

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