Thursday 1 September 2011

WT - Alaska Juneau

Picturesque Juneau, the capital of Alaska on the Inside passage. It is a bit on the cool side which meant that the first order of the day was to get some warm clothing – I only had a windbreaker and Ronnie needed some warm shoes.

After kitting ourselves out we decided to change into our warm clothing and drop off any surplus stuff so that we could stretch our legs and get a bit adventurous. We decided to go hiking in search of wildlife, black bears in particular, “them Grizzly’s is too aggressive, like”. We would settle for anything though, even a squirrel would be fun.

We used the cable car to get onto Roberts Mountain, the views were spectacular. Once at the tourist and nature centre we saw an eagle (which was recovering from injuries) and were able to get some really great photo’s. We then made our way into the Trading Post and had a look a short documentary on the area before setting off on what was meant to be a short hike, a mile or so (for me that’s been about my limit) well things didn’t quite work out that way and when I get a chance to post the pictures you will see why.

Around every bend was another breathtaking view, so 1 mile turned into 2 then 3 and as we were about to turn back we spotted a black bear but he was just so far off that we couldn’t get any really good shots. This only spurred us on of course and before we knew it we were running out of time – the sun was about to set and our ship would leave less than 2 hours after that. We quickly made our way back to the cable car and the ride back down to the dock. We had walked 7 miles on Roberts Mountain and we were both absolutely exhausted.

We arrived back at the dock right on sunset at about 20:15hrs. While Ronnie was browsing the diamond, gold and jewellery stores, isn’t if funny... no matter how tired a woman is, mention diamonds and it’s like giving them a shot of adrenaline. Meanwhile I was content and grateful to plant my rear on a bench and watch the sun setting.

By the time we made it on board 21:15 dinner was almost over so a quick bite to eat and shower, leaving just enough time to catch the fading lights of Juneau from the observation deck at 22:15.


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