Wednesday 28 September 2011

WT - Loch Ness

Our travels took us through the Scottish Highlands with magnificent views of a very beautiful countryside with picturesque villages every few miles. We stopped quite frequently to stretch our legs and take in the wonders while sucking in as much of that wholesome mountain air as possible - no carbon footprints here.

The weather was fantastic, a bit wet and cold but wonderful none the less and just perfect for our little adventure. We were on our way to see the Loch that Nessie occupies (fable or no - who cares, it is a great story and wonderful adventure limited only by a lack of imagination).

Our first stopover was about 40 miles from Inverness at a little town called Newtonmore and we stayed in a wonderful historic hotel called "The Glen Hotel" (what else would it be called?) The local townsfolk were warm and hospitable and the town was very picturesque. After a walk about the town in the rain Shane and Ronnie joined me back at the Hotel (I had a short rest). I joined them later in the dinning room for a tea and we went for a slow walk through the town.


The next morning after a hearty breakfast we recommenced our journey, through Inverness, stopping only for the call of nature and a pair of leggings for Ronnie who was feeling the cold a little. We then travelled down the North side of Loch Ness through to the Loch Ness Centre where we took a tour to learn some historical facts about Nessie. Urquhart Castle is just around the corner from the Centre situated in Drumnadrochit (try pronouncing it! - Hah!) so we just had to stop and explore didn't we?

We spent a number of hours at Urquhart Castle letting our imaginations run riot in this beautiful old castle as we scaled it's walls and looked into every crevice imaginable, enacting our fantasies like school children on a day trip of discovery.... Glorious!

Once our energy was spent, we refreshed ourselves at the local cafe and hit the road again trying to take in as much as possible whilst covering as much distance as we could due to the lateness of the hour. At sunset we started looking for accommodation for the night and to our absolute delight came upon a wonderful Rockabilly Hotel in a little village called Tyndrum. Do not go past.... Melissa and Robert will take wonderful care of you - trust me!

Ronnie was in her element with a life size monument to Elvis. We had a wonderful meal in Paddy's Rock-n-Roll Diner whilst listening to 50's-70's Rock n Roll. Marvellous!!

Robert (Chef) Melissa (Hostess) Ronnie and Pete

We were looked after wonderfully by Melissa (our hostess) and Robert (our chef - what a meal!!) while at Paddy's Rock n Roll Diner.

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  1. WOW, AWESOME, BEAUTIFL, OUTRAGEOUS. is all I can say about these pictures.... WOW.................