Tuesday 6 September 2011

WT - Victoria Island & Vancouver

Our return to Vancouver - The last few days here with Dion and Tracy have been fantastic. When they picked us up from the pier at Canada Place they had been waiting a few hours because even though the ship docked at 07:00 we had to wait for the authorities and customs to allow disembarkation and then we had to do this by a numbered colour code system. We had originally been about 10th in the queue when we were told of the new system so we had to go and find a place to wait for a few hours - such is life.

From the pier we set off to take the ferry across to Victoria island as Miles and his friends were moving back to the island in preparation to return to university. This was the first time for four of them to share a house and the day was set aside for removals and organisation of the domestics.

We spent a wonderful few hours getting to see Victoria with it's parliament house, great architecture and the locals at rest and play.


We then went up to check on Miles and his mates in their new digs. Unfortunately we didn't take any photo's of the house during the grand tour but it is not a bad house for a 1st home - Interesting colour scheme:) I'll leave the rest for Miles to post on face-book when he is ready.

Dion offered to take the U-Haul truck back for Miles and I would travel with him while the girls followed - We had the GPS and the girls had none, no mobile phone, and they weren't told the address which we were going to - no doubt you can see where this is heading:) Well of course the inevitable happened (isn't hindsight wonderful - 20/20 vision). I think it's hilarious, we thought the girls were still behind us and they thought they were following us (another U-Haul) when we have discovered that this is not the case - everyone went into panic mode! Dion and I were running about like headless chooks looking for the girls when Tracy called from the U-Haul depot that the other truck had led them to. All ended well and there was a huge amount of finger pointing while playing a good natured blame game. Marvellously we just made the second last ferry and the banter continued all the way home - it was great!

Yesterday afternoon we went to White Rock beach for a simple fish and chip dinner (not usually a lover of fish I have to tell you the Halibut was fantastic) We had a great evening walking along the board-walk and topped off with desert at Boat-Harbour  Restaurant rooftop.

What - this is not Hawaii, where the heck is it??

This is a great picture "Lovers in Paradise"

Beautiful end to a beautiful day.

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