Thursday 1 September 2011

WT - Alaska Scagway (White Pass)

Skagway is such a quaint little town with it’s wooden side-walks and beautifully maintained heritage buildings it reminds one of the old western movies.  Emblazoned on the back of the old style railway coaches is “White Pass - Yukon Route”. Could you resist? If you answered yes then I am a romantic cause I couldn’t. I just had to find out what this was all about and Ronnie was just as curious as me.

The train follows the original White Pass route which is illegal to hike (You’re liable to have your ass pinched while you’re thrown in jail) It is legal however to hike the upper portion of the pass and the new route. In fact on our way back down we passed a group of hikers who had been dropped off by choppers (Helicopters- for the bikers:).

This rail trail or route excursion is a 41 mile round trip to the summit, the Canadian Border and back down to Lynn Canal (A misnomer actually as canals are manmade but this is actually a Fiord which is actually formed naturally by snow and glacier ice runoff).  The summit is 2,865 feet above Lynn Canal and the railway to the border is 20.4 miles, crosses a number of bridges and goes through two tunnels – 32 men died while building this stretch of railway. It is of course quicker coming down:)

Is it dangerous or nerve wracking?.....take the ride!:-) Personally I think it’s more nerve wracking to go into a jewellery store with a woman, especially one’s wife!

Every Carriage has the name of a different Alaskan Lake


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