Sunday 18 September 2011

WT - UK Reunion

What an emotional roller-coaster and completely exhausting the last 40 hours have been. We have moved forward several time zones and arrived at London's Heathrow Airport 14.5 hours ago, where we were met by brother Shane, sister in law Louise, nephew Dieg and niece Tamaryn.

We have spent hours reminiscing about family, our childhood, teen years, war years, comparing migrant horror stories, our children, grand-children, nephews, nieces and grand niece. I spoke for some time with niece Michelle who we will spend time with tomorrow.

Whilst we know that Shane and I were raised a particular way and expect to share similar views, I am still amazed at how our take on life, love and loyalty is almost identical down to our words and quotes even after all this time. We four brothers last saw each other when I was 25, Guy was 24, Shane was 22 and Danny 18. I last saw Dad he was a year younger than I am now and Mom (forever in my heart) was 2 years younger again.

Louise and Ronnie did quite a bit of running around, shopping etcetera as Shane and I spent quite a bit of time speaking of Mom whom we both miss terribly, Shane having spent time with Mom shortly before her passing was able to share some very treasured insights although many were really heart wrenching reminiscences of her silent yet determined five year struggle with cancer.

It is with a sad heavy yet light joyous heart that I bid everyone everywhere an exhausted God Bless You Always - Good Night!

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