Wednesday 28 September 2011

WT - UK Family Time

We Lombard's are notoriously bad at communication so our first week in the UK has been spent catching up with Family and this blog is really to put some minds at ease, some people thought my silence was due to us all growing apart over time. Nothing could be further from the truth - we have a lot of catching up to do and generally we are still talking at leaving very little time for anything else.

We spent a day (Sunday) as a group with Niece Michelle visiting and I must say that both Ronnie and I were amazed at how her outlook on life paralleled our Daughter Candice's views. We discussed our own adventures and life experiences (as much as we could with such a limited time frame). Michelle commented on how much I resemble her Dad (Guy) - we do look very similar now that we are older - even my daughter Candice has commented on this when we have skyped with Guy - yes believe it or not we do communicate occasionally.

Ronnie, Michelle, Shane and Pete.

Ronnie and I had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa (Guy's partner Joey's Daughter), husband Dean and 3 children early last week, whilst visiting London with Shane and Louise. We were made to feel so welcome and treated like family that had been missed for years. Vanessa had kindly allowed Shane the use of a car park for the day while we spent some time in London.

We visited Madam Tussaud's because we had not been able to find Elvis (Ronnie's Dream to see Elvis or as true to life as possible - my Mom's dream too so we just had to do this again). On our return Michelle was visiting and we all spent some time getting to know one another - we hope to spend more time with these wonderful people

We have just returned from a trip to Scotland (which will be the topic of a future blog) and I am well rested after spending 4 days with my brother Shane. Whilst we have always wanted to visit a lot of these sites and places they are of more interest to Ronnie than I - my primary focus is the pleasure of being with my family. That we get to enjoy these surrounds together is a bonus.


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