Wednesday 14 September 2011

WT - Calgary farewell

Yesterday (Monday) was a travel day and so most of the day was spent either at the airport or actually flying. Ronnie and I quite look forward to these days now as we get to veg out a bit.

We had missed out on dinner the night before as we had been out and about till quite late and we were going to stop and catch a bite but got carried away (something that is happening quite a bit lately). We took a trip up the tower for a few pics, bumped into John and Fay then went walkabout.

While at the airport I spoke to Brothers Guy and Dan - on the phone, both were doing well and we discussed communication issues that we had all been having. Guy has Shane's number and he promised to text Dan's number to me. Dan said that he had heard that we are planning on staying in South Africa and that both he and Guy were very excited about this. I had to set the record straight and say no I must return to Aus, but I really didn't want to talk about goodbyes as we hadn't even started the hello's. All agreed that it would really be something if we could all be together with Dad once more but it seems this is beyond our reach. We all started getting a bit emotional and excited.

We don't usually share any of our deep emotions with anyone (macho bull-dust) but I'm going to try. All of my brothers have been so wonderful and loving to me and Ronnie. Guy said, "There is only one thing you need to bring with you Pete and God help you if you don't bring her (Ronnie)". You know we had a pretty hard time of things in the beginning, Ronnie and I, most people were not very accepting of our relationship (there were exceptions and they know who they are) but my brothers stood by me without a flicker and all of them accepted Ronnie as their sister and treated her like one of the family. Words just cannot express my gratitude as they looked after her when I was on call-up, the joy this gave and still gives me, the love I feel for my family fills my heart so,,, I could just burst!

Anyway while I can still see the screen here are the pic's of Calgary.


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