Sunday 11 September 2011

WT - Rocky Mountains Lake Louise

Yesterday started at 05:30 with a Coach tour from Jasper to Lake Louise. There were a few stops along the way to take in Athabasca Falls, a ride out onto the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefield. Also some photo opportunities at Crowfoot Glacier (we did this on the run as we were running late). We also stopped to take in the views of beautiful Peyto Lake before travelling through to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are uncomfortable around the well to do, I refer to them as "plastic people" there are so few genuine personalities among them, we get along far better with the so called hired help. So whilst we were booking in and waiting for our room to come available we decided to go into the village for a quick bite to eat with the locals. Sounds silly hey! but we prefer this over an uncomfortable overpriced meal with a bunch of stuffed shirt's from the "wannabe" tribe.

Anyway we called the only taxi in town and I had a quick phone call with Jason our son who had given everyone a scare when he had been admitted to hospital that morning for tests and an ECG. We arranged for a skype call later in the day to put our minds at rest. (A conference skype call took place later with our son Jason and daughter Candice, along with their children - making us feel much better about Jay).

After a few minutes taxi ride we arrived in the village and bumped into Paul and Cheryl again, we have been bumping into this lovely couple for weeks now and have formed quite a strong friendship. They are on pretty much the same trip as us but are staying mainly in B & B's and we have been comparing notes on accommodation and costs to a degree... I reckon they did it smarter than us. The Fairmont hotels are lovely to look at and reasonably comfortable (definitely way overpriced especially since you need to leave the hot water running for 30 minutes before it warms up). The Jasper lodge was far larger than the Lake Louise Chateau which I would compare with our San Francisco digs. Now after a few negatives just look at the view's and that's what it is all about.

Shot from our window in the morning.

Bonnie Ronnie in the morning at the window

What a poser:) Bonnie Ronnie

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