Wednesday 28 September 2011

WT - Scotland Edinburgh

I can't help but wonder how many people think I have spelt Edinburgh incorrectly? The reason I wonder this is because everyone kept telling me that when we were putting it into the Satnav, it didn't like any of the spelling I might add.

We decided quite some time ago that our real interest in Scotland, the sight to see so to speak is; "Edinburgh Castle" which is in the process of preparing for the annual "Edinburgh Tattoo". Off we went to explore the city and especially the castle - fascinating and for anyone planning to visit I recommend a minimum 1 week for the city and 2 full days at least for the Edinburgh Castle. If anyone does visit - make sure you get the Audio guide, this one is far better organised than the Alcatraz one. There are numbered plaques throughout the castle and you simply enter the number from the plaque into the player and you receive historical dialogue pertinent to that particular area and period with the option of learning more by entering additional numbers - really fantastic!

The City has many wonderful attractions and we could have spent a month there and not seen them all - we were keen to see a city under a city (the Royal Mile) but time was an issue and besides the trip was more about catching up with Shane than sightseeing, so we would often be talking and not paying attention to our surrounds. We did act up a little.... but nothing like our youth... we did have a hell of a lot of fun though!



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