Friday 9 September 2011

WT - Rocky Mountaineer Jasper

After a night in Kamloops we boarded our train for the second part of the journey which took us to Jasper. This is primarily a Tourist town as it is situated in a wildlife sanctuary which is over a hundred years old.

A very clean, neat and tidy town had everyone commenting on the cleanliness compared with Oz. We arrived late in the evening and lost an hour due to entering a new time zone. Ronnie was not terribly impressed when one of the RM guests joined us on the coach to the Lodge (Fairmont Jasper Lodge) - he has a terrible smokers cough and the disgusting habit of gargling his phlegm, sat right in front of Ronnie and started gargling. I almost wet myself watching Ronnie gagging at the sound.

Ronnie's demeanour didn't improve when we were kept waiting on the coach while the rules of the lodge were explained, our name was then not on the list of guests - funny how you're treated like royalty one second and like something someone stepped in the next. We were dismissed with "You'll have to go and check-in!!" not even pointed in the right direction.

Finally the booking was found and we were soft soaped with, "We have upgraded your bungalow to one of our larger suites" - it doesn't really wash when it is the furthermost one from the main building with all the amenities (shops, restaurants etc.) Next we arrived in the room to find one of the checked in bags missing, no guesses as to whose bag got lost, well Dion nicknamed Ronnie, Groggy Ronnie and Tracy has seen the Angry Ronnie but this latest development had her furious and I must admit that I didn't help much by rolling around the floor laughing.

The surrounds are breathtaking and the little squirrel we came across as we stepped out for a walk to cool Ronnie did the trick and Ronnie was ohhing and ahhing as normal in no time:)

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