Wednesday 31 August 2011

WT - Alaskan Cruise

Thanks to Dion and Tracy we didn’t have to lug all our luggage with us, that is not to say we didn’t have luggage issues. As much as I love my little Ronnie, luggage always has been and probably always will be our biggest bone of contention. I like to travel light;  1 toothbrush & paste, hairbrush (I could let this one go if I shave the beard - God knows my head sure don’t need it), razor, small ode cologne 2 of each clothing item plus what I’m wearing – regardless of duration (my logic is I can only put 1 on the body, 1 in the cupboard and 1 in the wash) – done!

My darling Ronnie on the other hand is always looking for a way to squeeze in the wardrobe and the bathroom.  She knows she can wear me down because I hate saying no to her, so what eventually usually happens is we replace my allocation with hers, after all I’m a man she tells me and don’t need cardigans and jackets but I do need 5 pairs of socks it seems, just so happens that she wears my socks, 2 pair at a time. Gotta love this girl!

We have been carrying around this camera tripod, it’s not too heavy but a damn nuisance since leaving home, for one primary purpose and that was for the cruise – because we know we will want some long range photo’s and as everyone knows once you zoom you need a very steady hand or a tripod. Well!.... we forgot the ruddy tripod at Dion and Tracy’s house or rather “I” forgot the tripod so as Dad would say “Oh, for crying out loud in a bucket!”, what am I?.... No! Don’t say it!

Anyway the ship is awesome and although a number of people on board have advised that it is only a medium size – its way bigger than anything I’ve ever been on. Saturday afternoon of course was spent in the company of US Customs and as there were 2 ships leaving minutes apart, along with 3998 other passengers. A wonderful time was had by…. the Customs Officials – none of us was having much fun.

Once on board we spent the evening doing the safety drill and trying to find a good vantage point to watch the sun set while trying to find our way about the ship. Sunday was a bit wet so we spent our time exploring the ship and signing up for some health classes. Sunday night we had a formal dinner and dress code was of course formal which allowed for some rather rare formal photo’s. Sunday evening we crossed from Canada into Alaska and entered a new time zone requiring the loss of 1 hour.

The further north we travel the more spectacular the scenery, the photos just do not do it justice - I recommend this cruise to everyone - do this cruise if at all possible.

You wouldn't read about it 1 puf of black smoke the whole trip & it had to be on this shot of the Lions Gate Bridge

One very contented & tired little Nana
There were two formal dinners during the cruise and on the first occasion we had the opportunity to have some professional photographs taken. We had been caught up with earlier appointments (Holistic Heath Experts & Nutritionists) so were running very late - in fact so late we actually missed dinner altogether when we stopped along the way for the photo's but what the heck, we had fun!

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