Thursday 4 August 2011

WT - Hawaii Luau

Well this is the land of hang loose, surfs-up, chill, where everyone is cuz and everything operates on Hawaiian time - for example an Hawaiian minute will expire whenever it's ready, if your told it will take 15 Hawaiian minutes to get there, this means that you will get there whenever you get there. I love the philosophy and attitude probably because for the last 20 years my whole existence has been measured in microseconds and numbers, (it takes a Security Patrolman 12 seconds to climb a flight of stairs, or me 36 hours to rebuild a Monitoring workstation from scratch...)...if you get my drift!

A "Luau" is a traditional Hawaiian ceremonial feast and party for special occasions such as weddings, births and other occasions. Unfortunately native Hawaiians are a dying race with only about 7000 full bloods left on the island of Oahu (population 1.8 million residents) so the practice of cultural ritual is important or it will be lost forever. I must say I feel really humbled and privileged for the experience of being a participant.


HAWAII - Last Day.

As I write this it is after 23:00hrs on our last day here in the beautiful paradise of Waikiki and we are exhausted but wonderfully relaxed with a mixture of emotions coursing through us, from nostalgic sadness at having to leave so soon to excited anticipation for tomorrow a little after 12:00hrs we will be winging our way across to LA home of cousins Chriselda and Bernie and their families. My Dad's sister Rita and her husband Jack's daughters. I last saw them when our family holidayed with them in Pinetown, Natal SA over Christmas 1971, Ronnie has seen them since because they visited our family in the late 1970's but I was on call up at the time.

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