Thursday 18 August 2011

WT - San Francisco farewell

Sunday evening was the start of our last night in San Francisco and as with Hawaii we really wanted to stay longer and have agreed that if possible we will return some day.

After a little rest while checking on Ronnie who was recovering nicely but not up to exploring yet, I arranged a meal for her. Those of you, who know my Ronnie know that she is allergic to almost everything so of course the herbal medicines had an adverse effect on Ronnie’s tum. Not anything to be concerned about but very inconvenient if you happen to be stuck on a bus or in a queue so she felt more comfortable staying in and playing online while I did the exploring for both of us.

Candice my daughter, had asked me to take some evening and night time photo’s which I wanted to do anyway and I could pop in from time to time to check on Ronnie. So off I went and these photo's are dedicated to my little girl;

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