Wednesday 17 August 2011

WT - San Francisco Golden Gate

After our Saturday afternoon tour of the down town area we felt that we still had some go in us and Ronnie’s back was holding up well but not wanting to overdo things we decided to do the Golden Gate tour. Again we would not get off the bus unless Ronnie’s back was a problem in which case we would take a cab straight to the Hotel.

We were quite surprised by a few facts. The Bay Bridge which is the same style as the Golden Gate Bridge is actually about 6 months older and if memory serves me correctly just less than 8 miles long while the Golden Gate Bridge is only 1.7 miles long… so why is the Golden Gate Bridge so popular?

I have a theory; 1) The Golden Gate Bridge is not the main bridge in and out of town with about 70% of San Francisco worker s using the Bay Bridge daily, it is unlikely that the city would allow that one to be closed for movie making, it would cause chaos. 2) The financially liberated (ultra rich) live (average cost of a house here is $57million) in the hamlet of “Sausalito” and they could put up with the interruption as transport costs would not be a problem.

If you breakdown on the bridge these 2 vehicles are used to unceremoniously shove you off the bridge.
This city is fascinating and we have only scratched the surface but Ronnie needed to rest her back by the time we were finished this 90 minute tour so we headed for a light bite on the way back to the Hotel, the theatre dinner would have to wait, perhaps Sunday if Ronnie was up to it.

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