Saturday 13 August 2011

WT - San Francisco Tours

We were up really early this morning - very reluctantly I might add as we were still fairly buggered from yesterday, to make our way to the "Citysights" tour operators office in order to exchange our vouchers for tickets.

Once we had our tickets in hand we decided it was time to have breakfast and a coffee... gotta tell you I am really missing my good old fashioned plain instant coffee. Anyway I had almost run out of hard cash so started looking for an ATM and at that hour of the morning it was a bit of a challenge especially when the first one would only allow transfers between accounts... weird hey, no cash out facility... at least not for me (yes I tried 3 cards by 3 different issuers, Visa, Master and Amex) next ATM was out of order temporarily so I thought "ok everything happens for a reason, and I'm not where I'm meant to be but we will get where we are meant to be soon".

Within a few minutes we came across an Irish Pub which was advertising a breakfast menu and an ATM. It had this great big revolving door at the entrance which was right out of place, so we just had to have a quick peek. This place was just amazing, it reminded me so much of Uncle Jack (Chriselda and Bernie's Dad) and my Grandmother Phoebe (Mom's Mother). We had breakfast while listening to some great music and chatting with the most amazingly friendly owners and workers - Ronnie agrees with me when I say that if we lived in San Francisco that would be our second home much like Greys Inn was, back in the day.

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