Monday 22 August 2011

WT - Vancouver Grouse Mtn

Dion and Tracy took us to visit an iconic pleasure resort, Grouse Mountain. I can see why Tracy says she never grow tired of visiting the mountain. We are told that during the winter months it turns into a magical white wonderland with sleighs complete with reindeer, it's very impressive and quite magical even without the snow.

The weather was perfect to experience the ride up in the gondola, which wasn't too full on the way up, this was very different on the way down. This trip has seen us do many firsts, Trams, Trolleys, Cable Cars, Float Planes and today Gondolas, Chair Lifts and no doubt a whole lot more to come.

The views are breathtakingly beautiful, the people pleasant and polite, Canada so far is what I expected and so much more.

The wood carvings are absolutely incredible as is almost every aspect of life here. We were fortunate enough to see and photograph Grizzly Bears, Eagle's and see Canadian lumberjacks in their natural habitat.

The audience caught their breath but he did have a safety harness on:)

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