Monday 29 August 2011

WT - Whistler (BC)

On Wednesday Dion and Tracey took us out to Whistler a lovely little (the word little is relative by the way) holiday resort which is very popular with the tourists. Taylor came along with us to do a little window shopping which was very nice as it gave us a chance to get to know her a little (usually the last thing young people want is to spend a day with the older folk).

Isn’t it funny, one day we are the younger crowd avoiding the oldies and their health complaints (boring…) and the next we are the older generation with all the ailments under the sun – what the heck happened?

Whistler is a great place for young people to pick up work especially if they are students. A lot of Aussie’s working here. I would love to see it in the winter with snow covered mountain peaks. Now here is the thing about BC (British Columbia) while they do get cool winters snow is not guaranteed, Dion and Tray were telling me that they have only had snow about 3 times in 11 or 12 years – the temperatures and seasons are very similar to Toowoomba


We had a look at some of the housing in the area, very nice, love the logs. There is of course an abundance of timber here. What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on some of this for carving and not just the fiddly carving that I’ve done in the past but some real life size stuff.

We all had a wonderful day even if Taylor didn’t see anything she really liked:)

On the way home we stopped to take some pics of the sunset over the lakes and mountains. I have to say, this was a very lovely spot and the jetty just made it spectacular. I wish the kids and grand-kids were with us – they would have loved it.


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