Wednesday 17 August 2011

WT - San Francisco Lombard

From the top of Lombard Street
 When I was 15 years old my Great Aunt Joey took me aside and told me a little about the Lombard family, I'm sure that those who were fortunate enough to know my Great Aunt Joey will agree with me when I say that she was the family Matriarch. This fearsome yet lovely lady with a heart of gold was as tough as nails when it came to family as my Dad could attest to having incurred this Matriarch's wrath... but that's another story:)

Aunt Joey handed me the "Lombard Family Bible" which weighs over 20 kilo's which had been in the family for at least 150 years. "Peter" she said, "this family bible is to be passed to your first born son", wagging her finger at me with her head tilted to one side "this is a great responsibility and you are being entrusted with the Lombard Family's inheritance," she went on, "should you have no son, then this bible must go to the first born son of the oldest brother, Guy, Shane or Dan". "In the event that none of your brothers have son's the Bible is to go to Peter, son of Isaac or his first born son." she continued. And so Aunt Jo laid down the rules... The reason I speak of this is because I had at that time become aware of Lombard Street in San Francisco and an actress Carol Lombard. All unrelated as far as I am aware but I made a promise to myself that if I ever had the opportunity I would walk up the famous crooked street.

Well that opportunity presented itself and true to my promise I walked up 3 blocks including the crooked street that is Lombard Street - as I neared the top I felt exhilarated and buggered at the same time. I started laughing my head off which caused a few people to move aside (probably thought I'd lost the plot). "Not bad" I thought, "Not bad at all.... for a bloke on borrowed time 10 months ago".


The interesting thing about Lombard Street (or so I'm reliably informed) is that it is pet friendly, there are 2 doggy day care centres on Lombard and no child care centres and this is because if you want accommodation on this street and you have a pet you are welcome, children are not welcome or catered for. A doggy day care centre by the way is a minimum 1 month fee of $1200.00 however the average fee for a child minding service is $900.00 per month.


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