Tuesday 23 August 2011

WT - Vancouver Rest

The last few days have been a little hard with both Ronnie and I under the weather (Ronnie with her tum and me with my sinusitis) and we have unfortunately become a bit of a burden to our host's Dion and Tracy.

A visit to the doctor last night courtesy of Dion was needed to get some antibiotics, I probably should have done this back in New Zealand but it's done now and I am already feeling a lot better, I just don't sound too good. Over the last 2 days the infection moved to my throat and chest but I'm on the mend as is Ronnie - what a pair of invalids we are:-(

Michelle who is looking after the business is doing an absolutely sterling job and has kept me abreast of what is going on without asking anything of me - I can't tell you what a relief it is to be able to just relax (probably why I'm a little under the weather, seems to happen every time I relax a little).

Today is a very big day for Michelle, as this will be the first time that she has prepared EOM (End Of Month) completely on her own and without me looking over her shoulder. While she is a little nervous, I certainly am not.

Today it's raining here in Vancouver (blessed again) allowing me the perfect opportunity to rest indoors and catch up with organising photos and a bit of blog, speaking of which I feel very honoured to have 11 followers of this blog now and am starting to get comments from some of the followers which is very encouraging.

I'm using a little application called Picasa 3 to upload photos into albums and that seems to be working quite well for the photos but it doesn't seem to like my Sony handy-cam movie's too much and converting them is such a drag and so time consuming, might have to look at an alternative. The idea was to set links in the blog for slide shows and movies allowing for good quality pics and film. New Zealand Photo Album

Please let me know if you were able to link to the New Zealand Photos with the link above in this blog.

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  1. You are not a burden, we love having you here - just hope you get better soon so that you can enjoy the rest of your holiday.