Monday 15 August 2011

WT - San Francisco Down-town

Yesterday started really badly with Ronnie not able to get out of bed, her back was far worse than the day before and she was having muscular spasm's. For those that don't know, one of the main symptoms of Cerebral Palsy is involuntary, random muscle contractions and these range in severity and increase in intensity and frequency with age. For many years Ronnie had great control over this which is a credit to her determination and resolve however, change of life has altered her ability to effectively manage the "spasms". Sleep too has become difficult.

First point of order was to get some professional help for Ronnie.... no, not the hospitals and conventional doctors... we have learned from experience that they really don't want to even look at Ronnie's back (once we sat in the Hospital for 9 hours waiting to see one of the duty doctor's only to be told by a new shift that we were wasting our time... no one would look at her back and the previous shifts (2) hadn't the guts to tell us). Anyway since we are close to Chinatown (not in it this time) I went looking for a good acupuncturist, not someone you can find in yellow pages and our friend Jaffa in Toowoomba is just a little too far away:)

Some would say "as luck would have it.." after a few hours of running around I was able to find a Chinese gentleman well respected in the Chinese community for his 40 years as a doctor in his own country (he and his family are new to San Francisco, having only arrived several months ago). I explained the problem and he agreed to help. Getting Ronnie back there proved to be a bit of a mission but as always, we succeeded - see what I mean "I am Blessed!"

We had no idea how long this would take but as it turned out, he gave Ronnie several hours of steam, acupuncture and herbal treatment (would have cost about a $1K in Toowoomba) for under a hundred bucks. Amazing!

Well the long and the short of it was Ronnie was feeling a heck of a lot better and able to move around painfully but reasonably comfortably. Since she was doing so well she wanted to do a tour if possible so by 14:30 we were back on the bus exploring this fascinating city - but no walking we agreed! and off back to the Hotel if her back worsened at all.

So off we went on the down-town tour;

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