Thursday 18 August 2011

WT - Vancouver Arrival

What a great airport, customs was a breeze with friendly officials. Layout of the airport is similar to Brisbane and Auckland  making all three by far the best we have seen.

Cousin Dion had taken time off to meet us at the airport, I recognised him instantly. traffic was bad so it took quite some time to make the drive from the airport to Dion and Tracy's home... I lost track of time so for me it was a most enjoyable journey catching up on just over 30 years of family news. Of course as I write this we have still only just scratched the surface but I'll say this - what a wonderful loving family, very attractive, polite and well mannered young lady, daughter Taylor we met on arrival but son Miles was unfortunately occupied till today so were were unable to meet till this morning and it was a joy to meet such a polite, handsome young man.

Tracy is a very talented painter (artist) and decorator, has a beautiful home and it is a home not just a beautiful house. We were welcomed in and made to feel right at home. Both Dion and Tracy have been running us around and showing us their favourite spots. Last night we had drinks on the river, it was very peaceful and very relaxing.


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