Monday 29 August 2011

WT - Vancouver Stanley Park

Spent a wonderful relaxing afternoon visiting one of the largest parks I have ever seen. This park has a board-walk along the water’s edge very similar to Brisbane, the difference being that Stanley Park’s board-walk surrounds the park on 3 sides, is concrete on solid land and is continuous. Of course both are very beautiful.

We all love our sunsets and especially Ronnie. I am so grateful for the digital revolution as this allows Ronnie to take as many pics as she likes without the delay, cost and frustration of the 35mm SLR camera (thankfully left at home). Dion and Tracy were surprised at the number of sunset pics that Ronnie took. (Filtering the good from the bad is pretty time consuming).

We had a look at the history of the park and of course took a stack of photo’s. Some very interesting native art displayed in the totem poles, the four of us introduced our own totem pole art however I’m not sure that we enhanced the scenery or the culture too much but we did have fun.

We decided to have a bite to eat, settling on hamburgers and kebabs as we had not long finished large ice-creams. While sitting on a park bench eating dinner (a new experience for some) we noticed a street performer on the beach some distance away. We ventured over to the performer once dinner and clean-up was complete.  The “Baron” an English street performer was quite entertaining with his quick wit, fire juggling and great escape.

A beautiful place with Ronnie on my arm, wonderful friends, great food (one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had) and great entertainment made for a truly fantastic day.

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