Thursday 25 August 2011

WT - Vancouver Health

It seems I spoke too soon, whilst I have been recovering (albeit slowly) Ronnie has been continuing to have problems with her tum, feels she might have a blockage. Almost immediately after my last post on  Monday Ronnie took a turn for the worse and Dion and Tracy took her to see a local doctor, this eventuated in a trip up to the hospital for blood tests.

As with all public hospitals the wait was significant (I thank Dion and Tracy for their patience) but Ronnie can't speak highly enough about the doctors and her treatment. The young doctor refused to charge her (just not done here and this surprised everyone) and pulled some strings in order to get an appointment with a specialist the next day.

Tuesday Tracy took Ronnie to see the specialist and there was quite an upset when Ronnie jumped the queue which was several months long. As recounted to me the Receptionist was rather rude, to the point that Ronnie walked out, shaking her head and making chopping motions at her neck saying "No that's it, forget it, lets go!" and it took a bit of convincing by Tracy to have her return. I think Tracy was a bit surprised to see this rather heated side of Ronnie but I had a good laugh as I could just imagine the performance.

In her youth Ronnie put up with a lot of the rudeness and insults of people and she would come home crying (I would want to go and rip someone a new one) but in recent years she has toughened up quite a bit and I have seen her go off like a pop gun (more like cannon actually). I'm the one who has mellowed, back in the day I have been guilty of dragging people over the counter to thump them... it's much more fun to watch Ronnie go off (not that she should have to.)

Anyway the receptionist was left with egg on her face when the specialist arrived and took Ronnie straight in. She (specialist) booked Ronnie into the hospital outpatients for an endoscopy on Thursday - the quickest it's ever been done here apparently. Ronnie seems to have some sort of magical influence and has jumped the 12 month queue again. Ronnie just can't speak highly enough about the care she has been given (the receptionist excluded of course).

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